Studio 1
Filming and Photographing Cars

Complete your visual effects projects in Studio 1, a premium 2000 sq ft green screen studio designed for film, video and TV production. Featuring an expansive 7.5-meter motorised green screen that conveniently lowers from the truss, our studio can transition from a white cyc infinity cove into a green screen studio within a matter of seconds, perfect for creating dynamic and immersive content. The large green screen is ideal for film production, advertising, and any project requiring advanced compositing and visual effects.

Within the price, Studio 1’s fully blacked-out space includes a selection of lighting and rigging, with three box truss beams equipped with six Chroma Q bi-color LED space lights, all DMX controllable from the ground, and four ladder truss beams for flexible lighting setups.

The studio’s rolling shutter door ensures easy access for equipment, props, set builds, and vehicles. Adjacent to the studio, the Greenroom serves as a separate makeup and breakout room, included in the rental, ensuring a comfortable preparation area.


Studio: £850 per day

Diffusion: £150 Rigging Fee

Short days available on request

Controlling reflections

Turn the cove into a white box

During a car photo or video shoot, avoiding reflections of lights and truss in the car’s surface is essential to maintain the aesthetic integrity and professional quality of the imagery. The sleek, polished surfaces of cars, particularly their glossy paintwork and windows, act like mirrors, easily capturing and reflecting their surroundings. Unintended reflections of lights, trusses, and other equipment can distract from the car’s design and overall visual appeal.

Reflections disrupt the visual continuity of the car’s lines and curves, which are crucial elements in automotive photography. These lines are designed to convey the car’s elegance, power, and aerodynamic efficiency. Unwanted reflections can break these lines, leading to a cluttered and unprofessional appearance.

Our magic cloth diffusion allows you to use our space lights whilst getting rid of the imperfections that you would see in the reflections such as our truss and sound boards. 

2.5 stops of diffusion

Not only does our magic cloth diffuse the space lights but it also can act as a bounce

Magic cloth diffusion is a diffusion widely used in photography and videos, particularly in studio environments. This method involves a type of fabric known as “magic cloth,” which is designed to diffuse light evenly and softly. The fabric’s unique properties ensure that light passing through it is scattered in multiple directions, resulting in a smooth, even illumination that eliminates harsh shadows and hotspots.

One of the primary benefits of magic cloth diffusion in car photography and videos is its ability to highlight a vehicle’s contours and details without producing glare. Cars have reflective surfaces that can be challenging to light correctly. The even diffusion provided by magic cloth helps to soften reflections and create a more polished and professional look. This is particularly important for showcasing the lines, curves, and finishes of a car, which are crucial for both commercial and artistic purposes.