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We take pride in offering a diverse range of advanced lighting and grip solutions, curated to enhance the quality and visual appeal of your projects. What sets us apart is not just the gear but also the seamless experience we exclusively provide within our studios.

Opting for our lighting and grip equipment rental ensures a hassle-free process from the beginning. Your dedicated team at Tannery Film Studios ensures that the equipment is in the studio and ready for your crew upon arrival. Skip the logistical complexities and focus on the creative aspects of your production.

Camera and accessories hire

We have a comprehensive catalogue of cameras and accessories for hire at Tannery Film Studios. We pride ourselves on offering an extensive selection of medium to high-end equipment, tailored to boost the quality of your productions. What distinguishes us is not only the top-tier equipment but also the seamless experience we provide exclusively within our studios. Opting for camera and accessory hire from us ensures a hassle-free process from the get-go. Your dedicated team at Tannery Film Studios oversees the hire of the equipment in our studios, ensuring everything is ready for your crew upon arrival. Eliminate the complexities of logistics and focus on the creative aspects of your production.


rigging services

Our qualified in-house crew provides a convenient and cost-effective solution for attaching fixtures such as lighting and textiles directly to the truss above the cove. This eliminates the need for external rigging services and the associated costs – our in-house rigging services offer a hassle-free option that can be organised directly with your contact at the Studio. For a small fee, you can elevate your production setup to above the cove without the complexities and expenses typically associated with outsourcing. Whether you’re envisioning dynamic lighting setups or intricate textile installations, we can help!

Crewing Services

Our extensive network of freelancers, all conveniently based near our studios, allows us to provide skilled professionals tailored to your project’s unique needs.

What sets our crewing services apart is the vast and localized talent pool we draw from. With a large contact list of experienced freelancers, we ensure that your production benefits from the best in the business, all while staying within the proximity of our studios.

Set building

Explore a new dimension in production design with Tannery Film Studios’ set building services, in collaboration with our partner, Get Setsy. From crafting immersive environments to meticulously bringing intricate sets to life, Get Setsy’s seasoned team, combined with their unmatched craftsmanship, transforms your creative vision into a captivating reality. What sets our set building services apart is the insightful knowledge that Get Setsy brings to our studios. This unique understanding allows us to seamlessly integrate their expertise, ensuring a perfect harmony with our spaces.

Benefit from our collaboration with Get Setsy, a local set building partner celebrated for their exceptional craftsmanship. Together, we provide a comprehensive solution that not only meets but exceeds your distinctive set design needs.

Tannery Film Studios is situated on Tannery Lane in Send, Surrey. Based on the riverside, the studios is conveniently located between Woking and Guildford to the south west of London.

There is a large amount of parking available on site. The studio is just off of Junction 10 on the M25 and close to the Ripley by pass on the A3. Just a 10 minute taxi ride away is Woking Station, which has a 25 min direct link to London Waterloo.
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