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Studio 2
Textured Studio

Welcome to Studio 2, our brand new 2000 sq ft studio space located at Tannery Studios. This textured space boasts an East London industrial look that makes it an exciting location to shoot your video or photography production. With exposed brick walls and a large wooden feature wall, Studio 2 is the perfect location for shoots such as commercials, social content, music videos, automotive productions, and events.

£850 per day

Short days available on request

Welcome to The Industrial Warehouse Space

Studio 2

Studio 2 boasts a completely different aesthetic to Studio 1. We have approached this studio with a different design and aesthetic, to give our customers at Tannery Studios a range of different shooting options.

Studio 2 is our first all in one self contained studio facility.On the ground floor you will find a brand new and stylish kitchenette, complete with full amenities such as a coffee machine and fridge. The removable kitchen island can be positioned anywhere, making it ideal for filming kitchen scenes or shooting food content.

Next is a large shooting area complete with various textures to use as different backgrounds. At the back is the large wooden feature wall, with exposed brick one side and a smooth white finish on the opposite side. The loading bay door makes access easy for loading equipment and props.


On the second floor of Studio 2, you will find a breakout space and a hair and make-up area. The breakout space is perfect for taking a break during long shoots, while the hair and make-up area is ideal for getting ready before filming. Additionally, there is a balcony with comfortable furniture where clients can oversee the production, adding an extra touch of sophistication to your production.


Studio Facilities

Studio Blackout

Studio 2 is a daylight space with overhead windows on the roof. These can be blacked out on request if requested in advance.


63 Amp distro box containing:
6x 32 Amp Sockets
9 X 16 Amp Sockets

On the wall:
1x 3 phase 63 amp socket.
2x 16 amp sockets 
Various 13 amp sockets

Kit Hire

For your convenience we have an on-site hire Company, able to provide you with anything you will need for your production. Camera’s, lighting, sound, grip and accessories. 


Colourama backgrounds can be ordered and supplied in any colour you need. Please contact us and we can supply a list of colours available.

Gigabit Wifi

Studio 2 has super fast wifi and Cat6 ports available. Expect speeds of up to 1Gbps down and up. Great for solid client feeds, streams and uploading files.

Catering Available

We are able to supply a range of food for both breakfast and lunch, delivered straight to the studio.  Alternatively Deliveroo and Uber eats operate in the area.

Crew and Production

We regularly work with top level production crew both in house and freelance. We are able to provide filming and photography services, as well as offer extra crew members when needed. 

Unlimited Parking

Tannery Studios has almost unlimited parking facilities, at no extra cost. We also have space for lorries and low loaders if needed.

Kitchen and seating Area

You are able to take advantage of our kitchenette and seating areas equipped with cutlery, crockery fridge and tea and coffee making facilities. 

Set building

Tannery Studios has a partnership with local set building companies who can transform the studio into exactly what you need.

Space Dimensions

Studio 2 Floorplan

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Questions about Studio 2
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Your Questions Answered

Studio 2 is our East London warehouse style studio that boasts multiple textured backgrounds to shoot against. Studio 2 is the perfect space to shoot any content that needs a gritty urban feel such as sport commercials, music videos, urban and retro fashion brands, and Online branded content.

The space is suitable for both video and photography production and is the perfect space for companies who are filming/photographing famous talent as the space is private but still has great access from the main road. 

At 2000 sq ft, Studio 2 can cater to a wide variety of shoots. It is big enough for building expansive sets, but also in an affordable pricing bracket. 

Shooting over multiple days? depending on the size and nature of the booking, we can provide you with a key and access to our alarm system so you have the flexibility of locking up and alarming the space yourself.


Studio 2 isn’t a sound stage but it has been sound treated against external noises such as rain drumming and other potentially disruptive sounds. Although we cant guarantee a perfectly soundproofed space, we are extremely confident that you will receive minimal disruption to your shooting day.   

Studio 2 benefits from being a completely separate unit to the Tannery Studios Atrium, This means that you wont have shared amenities like kitchenettes and toilet facilities with the rest of our studios.

Studio 2 has a kitchenette with standard white goods appliances such as a fridge. the space also has a large kitchen island. The perfect place for crafty to set up. The space also additional storage and has two ground floor toilets for disability access.

Upstairs, we have a mezzanine with additional break out space, and a separate room for HMU which contains a large table that seats two, facing an expansive Hollywood style mirror, as well as two changing areas. Next to the HMU space, we also have a client area which boasts a floor to ceiling internal glass wall with views over the main shooting space.

Included in the hire of Studio 2 is a 63 amp 3 phase distribution box that splits out into multiple 32/16 amp sockets. We also supply 16amp to 13amp adapters.

We also supply a number of c-stands included in the price, as well as sand bags and a speaker.

Yes. Unlike some studios, our electricity costs are included in our fee. Furthermore, our onsite solar array generates a significant portion of our energy needs. This is valuable in a couple of ways. Firstly, we are delivering on our commitment to a sustainable future for the film industry and the part that we play. And secondly, it means that you can enjoy slightly lower prices! 

Studio 2 can be configured as a daylight shooting space or a blackout shooting space. we can also arrange hire of black drapes that can span the entire circumference 

Studio 2 can accommodate bookings with up to 25 people. If you have a larger shoot, please get in contact to discuss your needs as we may need to look into allocating additional space and parking in order to streamline your experience over the booking duration.

Filming and photographing against textured backgrounds offer several advantages that can increase production value:

Increased Visual Interest: Flat backgrounds can appear bland. Textures like brick walls, weathered wood, or fabric patterns add depth and visual intrigue. They break up monotony and draw the viewer’s eye into the scene, creating a more engaging composition.

Enhanced Subject Separation: Textures can create a natural separation between your subject and the background. This is especially helpful for portraits or product shots. By using a textured background, you ensure your subject pops and doesn’t visually blend in.

Storytelling and Mood: Textures can be chosen to evoke specific moods or tell a story. Rough brick can add a sense of urban grit, while weathered wood creates a rustic atmosphere. Choosing the right texture can subtly reinforce the message or feeling you want to convey in your film or photograph.

Dimensional Lighting: Textures play with light and shadow, adding another layer of visual interest. They create highlights and lowlights that wouldn’t be present with a flat background. This can enhance the overall depth and realism of your scene.

Creative Control: Textures offer the potential for unique and artistic effects. Experimenting with different textures can lead to unexpected and visually stunning results. You can control the prominence of the texture by adjusting camera distance and lighting.

Exposed Brick

Our exposed brick wall is a production favourite. The wall is texture heavy with areas of fading and sandblasted paint to give it more of an industrial/urban feel.

Reclaimed Wood

On the wall at the back of Studio 2, we have a large wooden feature wall that spans 11 meters and is made from reclaimed materials. We wanted to take this look a step further by fire blasting the knots in the wood to create more contrast making this an incredible background to shoot against. 

Rusty Corrugated Iron 

Near the roof we have corrugated iron which is another layer to the East London Industrial Warehouse aesthetic. This is particularly visible in our upstairs client area and during low angle shooting.   

The Tannery Film Studios Team are always on standby to answer any of your questions.

For more information please email or call us on 01483 322600

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