Studio 1
Large Green Screen Studio

Complete your visual effects projects in Studio 1, a premium 2000 sq ft green screen studio designed for film, video and TV production. Featuring an expansive 7.5-meter motorised green screen that conveniently lowers from the truss, our studio can transition from a white cyc infinity cove into a green screen studio within a matter of seconds, perfect for creating dynamic and immersive content. The large green screen is ideal for film production, advertising, and any project requiring advanced compositing and visual effects.

Within the price, Studio 1’s fully blacked-out space includes a selection of lighting and rigging, with three box truss beams equipped with six Chroma Q bi-color LED space lights, all DMX controllable from the ground, and four ladder truss beams for flexible lighting setups.

The studio’s rolling shutter door ensures easy access for equipment, props, set builds, and vehicles. Adjacent to the studio, the Greenroom serves as a separate makeup and breakout room, included in the rental, ensuring a comfortable preparation area.


Studio: £850 per day

Green screen: £100 per day

Short days available on request

Enough Power to light an even key

63 amp 3 phase

Shooting in a green screen studio equipped with 63 amp 3-phase power offers a multitude of benefits that can significantly enhance the quality and efficiency of your production. One of the key advantages is the ability to achieve an even key with sufficient lighting. The robust power supply ensures that you can deploy an array of high-intensity lights, providing uniform illumination across the entire green screen. This minimises shadows and hotspots, essential for seamless compositing and achieving high-grade visual effects.

Moreover, the ample power capacity allows for the simultaneous use of multiple lighting setups, enabling you to light multiple subjects effectively. Whether you are working with a large cast or need to highlight various elements within a shot, our power supply supports extensive lighting configurations without the risk of overloading circuits. This flexibility is crucial for dynamic and complex shoots, ensuring each subject is perfectly lit and enhancing the overall visual impact of the production.

Rigging to the truss

Onsite scissor lift with qualified staff

Keep your lighting and grip equipment off the ground with the use of our scissor lift. This essential tool allows you to efficiently rig all necessary equipment to the truss, ensuring a clutter-free and safe working environment. The green screen studio is equipped with a robust lighting grid positioned directly above the cove. This grid is composed of three sections of box truss that span the entire width of the cyclorama, offering strong support for various lighting configurations. Additionally, there are four sections of ladder truss that run from the front to the back of the cove, providing ample flexibility for diverse rigging needs.

These features of our green screen studio allow for optimal lighting setups, enhancing the quality of your green screen shoots. By utilising the scissor lift and the well-designed truss system, you can maintain an organised studio space, reduce setup time, and ensure that all lighting and grip equipment is securely rigged. This setup not only improves efficiency but also contributes to a professional and seamless production process.