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Note: River Wey Studios was Re-branded to Tannery Film Studios at the end of 2023.

White Cove Studios, also known as White Cyclorama Studios, offer an incredibly versatile space for a wide range of productions. At Tannery Film Studios, we’ve optimised our White Cove Studio to cater to diverse needs, from car shoots to green screen productions. In this blog post, we’ll explore the various setups and configurations that can maximise the potential of a White Cove Studio, ensuring you get the most out of your shoot.

Understanding White Cove Studios

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Ford Transit in the white cove- Studio 1
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A White Cove Studio is a space with seamless, curved walls that create an infinity background. This design eliminates shadows and lines, making it ideal for photography and video production. The seamless nature of the cove allows for a clean, unblemished backdrop that is perfect for high-quality visual content.

The term “cyclorama” (or “cove”) refers to the smooth, rounded corners that transition the walls into the floor and ceiling without any visible edges. This design feature is crucial for achieving the infinite background effect, which can make the studio appear boundless on camera.

Key Benefits of White Cove Studios

  1. Versatility: The primary advantage of a White Cove Studio is its versatility. It can be transformed to suit various production needs, from commercial shoots to music videos, interviews, and more. The blank canvas of a white cove allows for a wide range of creative possibilities.
  2. Seamless Background: The curved corners of the cove eliminate shadows and lines, providing a seamless background that is perfect for visual content. This is particularly beneficial for product photography, fashion shoots, and any production requiring a clean, distraction-free environment.
  3. Lighting Flexibility: White Cove Studios often come with pre-installed lighting rigs, allowing for easy adjustments and custom lighting setups. This flexibility enables production teams to achieve the perfect lighting conditions for any type of shoot, enhancing the quality and professionalism of the final output.

Optimising White Cove Studios for Car Shoots

Car photography and video shoots require a high attention to detail, especially in lighting. At Tannery Film Studios, we offer a fantastic setup that makes filming cars on our cove easy:

  • Edge-to-Edge Magic Cloth: We use a magic cloth that runs underneath the space light, creating a 2.5 stop diffusion roof over the cove. This setup provides soft, even lighting that accentuates the curves and features of the car, making it look more attractive in the shot. The diffusion created by the magic cloth helps in eliminating harsh shadows and highlights, resulting in a polished, professional look.
  • Spacious Area: Our cove is spacious enough to accommodate vehicles of various sizes, allowing for dynamic angles and shots. The ample space ensures that photographers and film makers can move around the vehicle freely, capturing it from multiple perspectives without any constraints.
Ford Transit in the white cove- Studio 1
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Aston Martin

Transforming White Cove Studios into Green Screen Studios

Green screen technology allows for the creation of virtually any background, making it an essential tool for many productions. Our White Cove Studio can be easily transformed into a green screen studio, offering flexible options for different budgets:

  1. Motorised Green Screen: For a cost-effective solution, we have a motorised green screen that descends from the truss. It spans the entire back of the cove, covering roughly seven meters and extending along the floor. This setup is quick, efficient, and budget-friendly. It provides an easy way to switch between a white cove and a green screen setup without any significant downtime.
  2. Chroma Green Paint: For a more premium option, we can paint the entire cove in chroma green. This method offers a seamless, high-quality green background that is ideal for more demanding productions. A painted green screen ensures there are no wrinkles or seams that could complicate the post-production process.

Other Versatile Uses of White Cove Studios

Beyond car shoots and green screen setups, White Cove Studios can be adapted for various other productions:

  1. Set Building: The open, seamless space allows for the construction of custom sets. Whether you’re shooting a commercial, a film, or a music video, you can build and modify sets to fit your creative vision. Additionally, the white cove allows production companies to project different patterns or images onto the wall using lighting or projectors, adding another level of depth and creativity. This capability can transform the cove into a dynamic background, enhancing the visual appeal of your production.
  2. Creative Lighting: A White Cove Studio can be used in ways that transcend its initial white appearance. By using different lighting techniques, such as applying gels over lights or using RGB lights, you can change the colour of the cove. Furthermore, various materials can create textured patterns on the cove’s background. These techniques are particularly effective for fashion shoots and other creative content. Lighting a white cove in various different ways can open up numerous creative choices, offering a versatile backdrop for any shoot.
  3. Pre-Installed Lighting: The pre-installed lighting rigs can be integrated into your set design, providing flexibility and ease in creating the perfect lighting environment. This setup is particularly beneficial for productions with tight schedules, as it minimises setup time and allows for immediate adjustments.
  4. Talking Heads and Interviews: The clean, professional look of a White Cove makes it ideal for interviews and talking head shots. The seamless background focuses attention on the subject, creating a polished and professional appearance. This setting is perfect for corporate videos, documentaries, and educational content where a distraction-free environment is essential.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of a White Cove Studio

  1. Plan Your Lighting: Utilise the pre-installed lighting rigs to create the desired ambiance and focus. Experiment with different lighting setups to see what works best for your production. Consider using soft boxes, spotlights, and other textiles to achieve various effects.
  2. Leverage the Space: Take advantage of the spaciousness of the cove. Whether you’re shooting a car or building a set, use the available space to explore different angles and perspectives. The wide, open area allows for creative freedom in positioning your subjects and equipment.
  3. Experiment with Backgrounds: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different backgrounds. The flexibility of a White Cove Studio allows you to easily switch between white, green, and custom backgrounds. Use projectors to display dynamic backgrounds or patterns that enhance your scene.
  4. Consider green screen Post-Production Needs: Plan your shoot with post-production in mind. A seamless white or green background can significantly ease the editing process, allowing for cleaner and more professional results. Ensure that your lighting setup minimises shadows and colour inconsistencies to simplify the keying process in post-production.
aston Martin

Advanced Techniques for White Cove Studios

  1. Projection Mapping: Use projection mapping to project images or videos onto the white cove. This technique can create immersive environments and dynamic backgrounds that enhance your visual storytelling. Projection mapping is particularly effective for music videos, theatrical productions, and creative commercial shoots.
  2. Textured Backgrounds: Experiment with creating textured backgrounds using different materials such as fabrics, paper, or other props. By placing these materials strategically and lighting them effectively, you can add depth and interest to your shots. Textured backgrounds can be particularly impactful in fashion and product photography.
  3. Colour Gels and Filters: Apply colour gels and filters to your lights to change the mood and tone of your shots. This simple yet effective technique can transform the look and feel of your production, making it more vibrant and engaging. Use warm colours for a cozy, inviting atmosphere, or cool colours for a sleek, modern look.

Why Choose Tannery Film Studios?

At Tannery Film Studios, we pride ourselves on offering an ample sized White Cove Studio that caters to a wide range of production needs. Our studio is designed with versatility in mind, allowing for easy transformations to suit various types of shoots. Whether you’re working on a car commercial, a green screen project, or any other production, our space provides the flexibility and professional environment you need to create stunning visuals.

Our experienced team is available to assist with lighting setups, set construction, and technical support, ensuring that your production runs smoothly from start to finish. We understand the unique challenges of different types of shoots and are committed to providing the resources and expertise needed to achieve your vision.

Client Testimonials

Here are a few testimonials from clients who have utilised our White Cove Studio:

  • Matt Trigwell, Easee: “We have used this facility now several times and we will always come back. It’s great. If anyone needs some good studio space, this is the place to come. Great price, friendly team and brilliant kit, on hand. It’s always a pleasure. Keep up the great work, guys!”
  • Debbie Bowen, Liquona: “Brilliant studio with white infinity cove, set in a lovely building. The staff were so helpful in the run up to the shoot and throughout. The only downside is that you can sometimes hear cars drive past and some movement next to the studio, however this didn’t affect our audio in the end so it was ok, just slightly distracting in the moment. All in all, a great place and I’m sure we’ll be back. Thanks again Craig and Ally!”
  • Robin Gray, Gray Media: “Fantastic studio with top class facilities and friendly experienced staff. We shot for 3 consecutive days here and wouldn’t hesitate to go back for video production or photography. You won’t find a better space outside of London, without the hassle of being in central London!”

Final Thoughts

White Cove Studios are an invaluable resource for any production, offering great versatility and professional quality. By understanding the different setups and configurations available, you can make the most of these studios and Get exactly what you want out of the space. At Tannery Film Studios, we’re here to support you and provide the perfect environment for your next project. Contact us today to learn more about our White Cove Studio.

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