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We’re thrilled to announce our major upgrades to Studio 1, our flagship film and photography space here at Tannery Film Studios! Since opening its doors in July 2021, Studio 1 has undergone a remarkable transformation. What began as a blank canvas of an empty warehouse has become a premiere studio south of London, attracting a large roster of clients, talented individuals, and dedicated crew who’ve chosen Tannery Film Studios as their shooting location.

Our initial milestone was the completion of the expansive white cyclorama (also known as a cove) in December 2021. This addition truly transformed the space, taking it from a warehouse to a professional studio environment. Throughout 2022, Studio 1 enjoyed a steady flow of productions, and valuable feedback from our clients played a crucial role in our development. A common theme emerged: sound. We were upfront with clients about potential sound issues from rain, wind, and reverb due to the studio’s size. Taking their feedback to heart, we made a significant investment in November 2022 to address these concerns head-on.

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Fixing the sound

The original industrial warehouse roof, with its corrugated metal construction, posed a significant challenge – rain and wind readily translated into unwanted noise during productions. To combat this, we implemented a solution: a brand new, soundproofed false ceiling. This design incorporates special vibration-isolating hangers that effectively prevent any noise from traveling down from the original roof. The gap between the original roof and the new ceiling is filled with sound-absorbing rock wool, creating a formidable barrier against rain and wind noise.

Reducing reverb

Reverberation, another identified sound concern, was tackled with a two-pronged approach. First, we placed sound-absorbing baffles above the cove. These strategically positioned baffles break up flat surfaces, allowing sound to dissipate naturally and reducing reverb within the studio. Secondly, large black drapes were installed along each wall. These not only function as additional sound absorbers, but also contribute significantly to the studio’s sleek and professional aesthetic.

Enhanced Aesthetics and Functionality

The black drapes effectively eliminate unwanted light bounce from the previous white walls. This, combined with a fresh coat of black paint on the ceiling and walls, creates a focused environment for productions utilising the cove. We explored the possibility of a concrete floor, a popular choice for shooting surfaces, but due to prior wear and tear in the space, we opted for a neutral grey paint finish. This complements the overall sophisticated look and feel of the new and improved Studio 1.

Packing the studio with as much as possible

At Tannery Film Studios, we’re committed to continuously enhancing the studio’s capabilities to support your productions. Here are some exciting additions designed to assist your filmmaking and photography:

  • Sliding Black Drape: This black drape extends across the entire shutter door, providing an extra layer of sound absorption and significantly reducing any potential sound leakage from outside the studio.

  • Additional Ladder Truss: For increased versatility in lighting placement, four new sections of ladder truss now run from front to back above the existing box truss. This provides significantly more rigging points for creatively positioning lighting above the cove. To ensure you can take full advantage of this expanded lighting potential, we’ve invested in a brand new skyjack scissor lift that can be hired on-site. This allows your crew to safely reach the necessary heights for intricate lighting setups.

  • Edge-to-Edge Magic Cloth Diffusion: Need a soft, diffused roof for filming or photographing reflective surfaces like cars or motorcycles? Our new edge-to-edge magic cloth diffusion is the perfect solution. This textile can be rigged under the space lights and above the cove, offering 2.5 stops of diffusion for a beautifully softened light source. But the magic cloth’s functionality doesn’t stop there. Its unique properties allow you to fire lights up at it from the ground and use it as a bounce, adding another way to light you setup and provide even more control over the overall look of your scene.

  • Motorised Drop-Down Green Screen: A massive 7.5-meter-wide green screen can descend from the truss on request, perfect for green screen productions of all sizes. Whether you’re working on a small project or a large-scale commercial, our green screen provides a clean backdrop for compositing any virtual world or environment.

We’re incredibly proud of the transformation of Studio 1 and can’t wait to see the incredible productions that will come to life within its walls. With our dedication to ongoing improvement and the addition of these fantastic new tools, Tannery Film Studios offers the perfect environment to bring creations to reality.

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