Studio 2
Multiple backgrounds for different looks

Studio 2 offers a diverse range of backdrops designed to cater to various video and photography needs. Among its standout features is the exposed brick wall, which provides a rustic, textured background ideal for creating an urban, vintage feel. This backdrop is perfect for portraits, fashion shoots, and any project aiming to capture a raw, authentic vibe.

Another striking feature is the large wooden wall, which brings a warm, natural element to shoots. This versatile backdrop is excellent for lifestyle photography, product shots, and more intimate, cozy settings. Its organic texture and rich tones add depth and character to visuals.

Embracing an East London industrial warehouse aesthetic, Studio 2 combines raw architectural elements with a chic, modern twist. This setting is ideal for edgy, contemporary shoots, offering a spacious environment with high ceilings, metal beams, and an overall gritty charm. It’s particularly well-suited for fashion, music videos, and promotional content seeking a stylish, urban edge.

For culinary projects, Studio 2 features a similarly styled kitchenette, designed to complement the industrial theme while providing a functional space for food photography and video shoots. This area is perfect for capturing cooking demonstrations, recipe videos, and culinary branding, ensuring a seamless blend of style and practicality.

Additionally, Studio 2 boasts a library upstairs, offering another unique backdrop. This space is ideal for author portraits, educational videos, and any project requiring a refined setting.

Studio: £850 per day

Short days available on request

exposed brick

the gritty urban look

Exposed brick walls are a highly sought-after backdrop for both filming and photography, offering a unique blend of character and versatility. The rough texture and earthy tones of exposed brick add an element of authenticity and depth to any visual composition. This backdrop is particularly effective for creating an urban, industrial feel, making it ideal for fashion shoots, music videos, and lifestyle photography.

The natural imperfections and varied colors of the bricks provide a visually interesting contrast that can enhance the subject, whether it’s a person, product, or scene. Exposed brick walls also work well with various lighting setups, from natural light to dramatic studio lighting, allowing photographers and filmmakers to play with shadows and highlights for a dynamic effect.

Furthermore, this backdrop can be dressed up or down, seamlessly fitting into different themes and styles, from edgy and contemporary to cozy and vintage. Its timeless appeal and adaptable nature make exposed brick a favourite choice for creative professionals aiming to add a touch of rustic charm to their projects.

The wooden feature wall

Stylish background to suit multiple aesthetics

The large wooden feature wall serves as an exceptional backdrop for filming and photography, bringing warmth and a natural touch to any visual project. Its earthy tones and organic texture create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere, making it ideal for lifestyle shoots, portrait photography, and interesting video settings.

Wood’s inherent versatility allows this backdrop to complement a variety of themes, from rustic and vintage to modern and minimalist. The grain patterns and natural imperfections in the wood add depth and character, providing a visually appealing contrast that enhances the subject’s prominence. This feature wall is particularly effective in creating a homely, grounded feel, perfect for capturing authentic, relatable moments.

In addition, the wooden feature wall’s timeless appeal makes it a popular choice for diverse projects, from product photography and fashion shoots to interviews and promotional videos. Its ability to infuse scenes with a touch of natural elegance makes it a client favourite.

The library

an interesting setting for your shoot

The library backdrop in Studio 2 offers a unique blend of sophistication and industrial charm, making it a great backdrop for filming and photography. With its shelves lined with books and vintage cameras nestled among them, this setting is perfect for a wide variety of shoots such as talking heads and interviews

The industrial aesthetic is maintained through elements like exposed pipes, metal fixtures, and a slightly rugged finish, providing a contemporary edge to the traditional library scene. This combination makes the space versatile, suitable for projects aiming to convey both modernity and classic charm.

On the left-hand side, an internal floor to ceiling glass wall offers an elevated view of the main shooting space, adding an extra dimension to the setting. This glass wall not only enhances the room’s openness but also provides interesting lighting opportunities that can add depth and intrigue to your shots.

Lighting in this space can be manipulated to create a range of moods, from the cozy warmth of soft ambient light to the stark contrasts of dramatic lighting, enhancing the depth and texture of the scene. The books and vintage items add layers of visual interest, offering rich details that can be emphasised to create compelling compositions.

The Kitchenette

Great for food photography

The Studio 2 kitchenette also makes a fantastic shooting location for culinary photography and video projects. Styled to complement the industrial aesthetic of the studio, the kitchenette features modern appliances set against a backdrop of a wooden wall similar to the feature wall in the main shooting space. This combination of sleek, contemporary design with rustic wooden elements creates a chic and functional space for food shoots.

This setting is ideal for cooking demonstrations, recipe videos, and culinary branding, providing both a practical workspace and a visually appealing backdrop. The blend of modern appliances with warm, natural wood ensures that the kitchen exudes a trendy, urban vibe.

Lighting in the kitchenette can be tailored to highlight the textures and colors of food, whether using natural light to create a fresh, inviting atmosphere or studio lighting to add dramatic effects.

Additionally, the well organised layout and stylish decor of the kitchenette make it a versatile setting for lifestyle shoots, product photography, and social media content. Its harmonious mix of practicality and aesthetics ensures that the Studio 2 kitchenette is a preferred choice for culinary professionals and content creators aiming to produce high-quality, visually engaging work.

The Tin

Even when you point the camera up theres something interesting!

Have you planned for any low angle shots? Studio 2 features rusty corrugated iron that lines the wall by the roof meaning that whatever angle you plan to shoot at, there is always something interesting in the background.