The Studio Backstory

As we embark on this journey, i thought it would be a good idea to get a bit of information out there about how this whole situation came about, and a bit of a plan of what we have in store for the studio.

Myself and Craig both come from a filming background and have been DOP’s and cameramen for over 10 years each. We work mostly with large and international companies and brands filming high end commercial and online content on a regular basis. We have both managed to see a certain level of success within the industry and are both working regularly in the advertising, product video and event sectors. You can find a bit more about us individually below.


So why get into the studio business?

Craig and i have spent a large amount of our shooting careers shooting in studios in the UK, and most of these studios are situated in London. Coming from Surrey ourselves, we have always wondered if there was a way for us to carry on with the work that we are doing, but to avoid all of the caveats thats come with most of these locations. Sound has always been a big issue with studios in London/ Lot of filming spaces advertise as sound proof, but in reality we have experienced regular interruptions from traffic and sirens, underground trains and the constant building work that is happening in the capital. Top that off with the never ending journeys through London, that can take sometimes up to 2 hours. Suddenly the thought of a Film studio in London becomes a lot less desirable.

Craig and I were looking for an office space to share, so that we could carry out pre production for our shoots, and to store some of our excess equipment. This is where we met the guys from tannery studios. Tannery have a newly built building catering for businesses, particularly in the creative sector, and offer office space in various sizes to accommodate their clients.

We teamed up with Tannery to create River Wey Studios. With their expertise in building design and implementation, and our expertise in the creative industry’s we thought this would be a fantastic match. We believe that pooling all of our experience together, we are able to offer more to our end customer, and give them a positive experience. This works well as our studio crew all come from a filmmaking background, and have pooled all of their experiences from shooting in multiple studios over the years. Therefore if you are in need of some advice about your shoot or a particular set up, the chances are we may have done something similar before, and know how to do it. Alternatively if you need crew or production services we can help with that too.

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