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We are proud to announce that Tannery Studios is now offering virtual production thanks to a collaboration with IMAG. Virtual production is a rapidly growing technology that allows filmmakers to create realistic and immersive environments without ever having to leave the comfort and controllability of the studio.

With IMAG’s expertise in virtual production, Tannery Studios can now offer filmmakers a complete end-to-end solution. The collaboration will fit enable our studios spaces to be fitted with the latest technology, and the experienced crew to bring your virtual production projects to life.

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Interactive Computer Vision Effects is a cutting-edge technology that combines computer generated backgrounds or plates and visual effects to create interactive and realistic virtual films sets. ICVFX utilises advanced algorithms and real-time tracking to seamlessly blend virtual elements with the real world. This allows for the dynamic placement of virtual elements and camera tracking within the real world, creating interactive and responsive visual effects.

Travel Simulation

Virtual production involving travel simulation is a filmmaking technique that combines real-world settings with virtual environments. It allows filmmakers to transport their cast and crew to any location in the world without leaving the country (which adds to utilising the ongoing government tax incentives, It also helps providing greater control over environmental factors, and consistently of lighting setups.


Extended reality is the process of combining environments and interactions with the real and virtual world. XR can be used to create realistic and immersive environments without ever having to leave the studio. XR can be used to create a virtual set that look like a real location, or extend existing sets that would typically require green screen. This can save time and money, and could mean shooting a golden hour scene in the same lighting conditions for a 12 hour day.


Projection is a production technique used in filmmaking to extend backgrounds. It is a lower-cost option than XR screens and can be set up more quickly. However, it can be more difficult to match the lighting of the background plate to the scene, which can result in unrealistic results. LED screens allow for seamless blending of the background image with the live-action footage, as they to omit practical light , making them a more effective option for achieving realistic results.

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